Yes, You Need Car Insurance. Here’s Why.

Yes, You Need Car Insurance. Here’s Why.

If you own a car or have looked into purchasing a vehicle, you have likely worried about car insurance. While it may seem daunting, whether you are buying your first car or are simply questioning your current policy, learning more about how car insurance works and why it is important can play a large role in how much you end up paying and how confident you and your family feel on the road.


3 Reasons You Need Car Insurance


Some people may wonder, “Do I even need car insurance?” The answer is yes. The goal of car insurance is to protect you, and the other drivers on the road, from the serious losses that occur from automobile accidents. Each time you get behind the wheel, the risk of injury and damage, from bodily harm to property damage, increases. This sobering fact is simply part of our reality, but car insurance exists to help mitigate the risk and protect you from further loss.


Car insurance is essential to car ownership because:


It’s the law. Most states, including Vermont, require drivers to have some form of car insurance. Each state sets its own requirements for minimum coverage. Even if you don’t get in an accident, consequences can include receiving a ticket, paying fines, having your license suspended, and having your future insurance premiums increased if trouble occurs while you’re uninsured.


It saves you money. You may think paying a monthly premium can be painful, but it pales in comparison to the money you’ll pay if an accident happens and you’re uninsured. This is especially true if the accident is your fault. To avoid full responsibility for vehicle repair, medical bills, hospital fees, property repair, and possible legal action, pay a little now to save a lot later.


Having car insurance consistently, when added to safe driving habits, can also eventually decrease the amount you pay each Protect Familymonth.


It protects what’s most important. Nothing is more important than your health and the health of your family and friends. Having car insurance protects you from financial devastation, the loss of your assets, and untold stresses from accidents on the road. The peace of mind that comes with car insurance cannot be overstated.


What Kind of Car Insurance Do I Need?


While insuring your vehicle is necessary, so is choosing the right type of coverage. From theft to collision to personal injury, the combinations are endless. If not understood and examined, your car insurance can either be ineffective for your situation or cause you to spend more money than you need to.


At Taylor-Moore, we believe in helping our families, friends, and community find joy in car ownership through personalized car insurance plans designed with your specific needs in mind. For over a century we have helped our clients find the best coverage for them at an even better price. When you reach out to us for help, we will provide you with a thorough analysis of your coverage and give you access to the numerous resources we have available. We feel strongly that everyone should have the protection they need and deserve at a price they can afford.


By requesting a quote, our representatives at Taylor-Moore can ensure the process of owning and insuring your vehicle is a pleasant one.

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