What Sort of Insurance Do I Need as a Maple Syrup Producer?

What Sort of Insurance Do I Need as a Maple Syrup Producer?

What Sort of Insurance Do I Need as a Maple Syrup Producer?

Maple syrup is delicious. It’s a staple for any breakfast involving pancakes, waffles, French toast, and other similar breakfast delights. Maple syrup is brought to the general public through the efforts of maple syrup producers like you. You work hard to make quality products for your customers. It only makes sense to protect your business by carrying insurance. But what sort of insurance policies should you have?

General Liability

Businesses don’t ever intend for their products, services, or operations to damage the property of others or be the reason someone gets hurt. Accidents happen, however, so it’s a good idea for maple syrup producers to carry general liability insurance. Lawsuits and medical expenses can be very costly, and general liability insurance can help you avoid footing the bill yourself. If you’re renting a site for your business operations, it can also cover you if you are liable for damage done to your landlord’s property.

Product Liability

Because you make a product that other people will consume, product liability insurance is an absolute must. Naturally, you take every precaution against product contamination to make sure that you deliver quality maple syrup to your customers. You would never mean to produce a syrup product that would make someone sick. However, once again, accidents happen. Carrying product liability insurance can protect you and your business if something were to go wrong with your maple syrup and it made someone sick.

Workers Compensation

Do you have at least one employee? If so, you should definitely have workers’ compensation insurance. This type of insurance is mandatory for all Vermont employers, maple syrup producers or not. This insurance covers the cost of medical expenses incurred by employees who were injured while they were on the job. It’s just one more way you can make sure you and your employees are all taken care of.

As with all businesses, maple syrup producers need to carry the right insurance to make sure they are protected. Not only do you need the right types of policies, but you also need the right amount of coverage. If you aren’t sure what sort of insurance is right for you or how much you should carry, give us a call. We’re more than happy to help you get the right insurance coverage for your maple syrup production business.

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