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Snowmobile Insurance in Vermont

Vermont law requires all riders to have snowmobile insurance!

Snowmobile Insurance

Vermont is home to some of the country’s best snowmobile trails and terrain, which are well-maintained and home to several events and attractions. The Vermont Association of Snow Travelers (VAST) is responsible for grooming the more than 5,000 miles of trails and organizing the pancake breakfasts, charity rides, and numerous other events that make Vermont snowmobiling that much more enjoyable.

But the breathtaking trails and friendly events can often mean congestion for riders, which is why Vermont laws require that anyone who operates a snowmobile have proper insurance.

The Basics of Snowmobile Insurance

A basic snowmobile insurance policy usually offers the following protection:

Collision coverage

Whether it’s another rider, a tree, or some other obstacle, collision coverage will apply if you crash your sled.

Comprehensive coverage

When severe weather, theft, or vandalism leaves you in a tight spot, comprehensive coverage will help you pay for your loss or damages.

Bodily injury liability

If you are in a collision and are responsible for the medical treatment of others, bodily injury liability will help pay for this expense.

Property damage liability

Similar to bodily injury liability, property damage liability will help cover you if you are responsible for any damages caused to another’s sled while operating your own sled.

Additional Snowmobile Coverage

In addition to these basic options, you can often add additional coverage to your policy, such as:

Uninsured/underinsured coverage

If you are in a collision with someone who doesn’t have insurance to pay for any bodily injuries or property damage to you, this coverage will take care of you.

Accessory coverage

Your snowmobile isn’t the only piece of equipment in which you’ve likely invested, so this option is a good idea if you’ve included all of the bells and whistles with your sled. Your helmet, goggles, windshields, custom seats, and any other gear or equipment you have will be covered if they’re damaged or stolen.

Because snowmobiling is a seasonal activity, most policies include a lay-up period to save you money, but you can also choose to add year-round coverage in case your sled is stolen or damaged in the offseason.

Vermont’s Snowmobile Laws

In addition to protecting your snowmobile with insurance, it’s important to know all of the requirements Vermont has in place for the safe operation of your snowmobile. Vermont has implemented a few laws intended to protect the snowy thrill-seekers:

First, Vermont requires that all snowmobiles be registered in Vermont or with another legal state registration.

Second, anyone born after July 1, 1983 must take a 6-hour safety course, and those who are over the age of 12 must carry proof of certification of a safety course to present to law enforcement if necessary.

Last, all posted speed limits must be followed by anyone operating a sled, and be aware that frozen lakes are considered highways, which have a 50 mph speed limit.

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