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December 5, 2023
Debonie Thompson

How to Put Together an Emergency Kit for Your Car

How prepared are you for a roadside emergency? Do you have an emergency kit for your car? A well-stocked emergency kit can make a measurable difference in how well you can handle the different scenarios you might find yourself in. Do you know how to create a good emergency kit for your car?

First Aid Supplies

You never know when you might need some first aid supplies. They can help with anything from a nasty paper cut to injuries sustained in an accident. You can find well-stocked pre-assembled first-aid kits or put your own together. If you’re compiling your own first aid supplies, grab things like sterile gauze dressings (small, medium, and large), bandages, sturdy safety pins, disposable sterile gloves, tweezers, scissors, cleansing wipes (alcohol-free), sticky tape, a thermometer, rash cream, cream for insect bites and stings, antiseptic cream, painkillers, antihistamine cream, and an eye bath and eye wash.

Survival Supplies

Good planning reduces your risk of getting stranded, but it’s still good to have survival supplies just in case. Remember to pack supplies for children and pets if they travel with you frequently. Have a stock of potable water (3 gal. minimum), easily accessible nonperishable food, a cell phone charger, a road map, a flashlight with fresh batteries, waterproof matches, a blanket, a compass, a handheld GPS unit, emergency flares or glow sticks, a full roll of duct tape, paper towels or rags, and pet food and diapers and wipes if needed.

Vehicle Supplies

Have things for your vehicle too. Start with basic tools and a properly inflated spare tire. Add a car jack, jumper cables, and a basic tool kit with things like a screwdriver, tire pressure gauge, wrench, and vise grips. A wheel wrench, tow strap or chain, car battery charger, and air pump are also good to have. Grab a no-spill gas can, a gallon of antifreeze, and two quarts of the right motor oil for your vehicle in case you need any while you’re on the road.


When the weather turns, add winter supplies to your emergency kit. Make sure you have things like an ice scraper, a bag of sand for traction, extra warm clothes (boots, wool socks, gloves, warm hats, and extra clothing items you can use to layer up), rain gear, and a backpacking stove you can use to heat water or other liquids. Take some time to put together a good emergency kit so you’re prepared. If you already have one, go through it so you know you have everything you need, restocking as needed.

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